Peony Kelways Glorious

Peony Kelways Glorious is a Midseason double white Peony Herbaceous Lactiflora, White with a creamy suffusion in depths, crimson streaks on outside of guard petals, and occasionally few faint crimson edges in center; strong, rose-like fragrance. Immense, shaggy, rather flat flowers with a deep, funnel-like center and enormous wide-spreading petals. Requires time to do its best, but is generally considered one of the finest varieties. Several experts corroborate the statement that this variety frequently has crimson markings. “Very rarely KELWAY’S GLORIOUS will have red markings on the center petals, a circumstance which is liable to appear in any double flower whose stigmas would have been red if the flower had been a single one. The red marking or red edge to some of the center petals of peony flowers is caused by imperfect transformation of the stigmas into petals, a vestige of the latter remaining and producing the color which appears on the edge of some of the center petals.”—Fewkes. “Outer circles of petals very wide, growing smaller toward center; center petals small and crowded.”—Saunders. Good dark green foliage with green veins. Medium height; free-flowering; strong stems. Average height 36 inches / 90 cm. (Kelway, 1909, United Kingdom).

Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Size Weight
2/3 eye 150 gram
Quantity per standard box:

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24" x 16" x 9" or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Sold Out! Available in years: 2025, 2027

Peony Kelways Glorious is one of the many double white Peonies that we grow at Peony Shop Holland

Regarding Peony Nursery Peony Shop Holland "" Lutjebroek, the Netherlands

Peony Growers Peony Shop Holland at this time only centers at developing exclusive, good high quality peonies. It hasn't always been this situation. This organization comes with a rich history opening in 1875 with Simon Scholten that also was growing fruit for money.

In 2001 this organization produced their own spanking new marketing and advertising tactics-name & logo design "" and after that they started off putting attention on improving exceptional peonies. Within 2002 the firm opened their very own shop on the internet", the: with Peonies & Buxus. In 2003 Joshua Scholten started with multiplying peonies. After that in 2004 this business began to foreign trade peonies of the Netherlands all-around Europe, America plus Asian countries.

Currently our peony nursery is focused on expanding and multiplying special, premium quality peony roots which can be bought and released all over the world. Additionally the particular organization additionally reduce peonies primarily serving the Dutch peony flower marketplace.

The most important things we pride:
  • The high quality of our product
  • Our capacity to foreign trade around the world
  • All of our wide-ranging assortment of double white peonies like Kelways Glorious
  • Our Peony field full of substantial double white Peonies for cut-flower production

Growing Kelways Glorious a double white Peony flower

The fall season is without a question a suitable time if you ponder planting a peony plant. Almost all peonies are actually amazingly long-lived plants lasting close to 50 up to 70 years, so as soon as you'll get the particular peonies selected and planted rightly, a person is going to have fun with them for many, many years. The plants opt for some sort of sun-drenched position together with a well-drained ground. A good air flow movement available around the peony can also be required. These types of circumstances support this type of plants to avoid sickness problems. To organize the seeding hole for a bare-root peony, dig the soil to a level of 12-18 inches. Utilize a garden fork to release the edges of the particular planting hole at the same time. It can be especially important that the "eye", or growth, nodes, situated close to the bottom of the old stem, end up no more than Two inches beneath the soil surface.