Peony Growth Process

Over the years we have developed a tedious process for growing the highest quality of peonies possible. As our company is located in the northern part of the Netherlands, we are blessed and cursed with a heavy clay soil. On the one hand side this soil is perfect for peony growth and therefore nature helps us to grow the biggest, highest quality peonies fast. On the other hand the clay ground forces us to take extensive measures before storing or exporting the peony roots.

In the items below we describe step by step how our peony nursery is structured and how we value product quality. We’re not a mass production peony nursery, but a specialized company focusing on delivering the best possible quality peonies from special, exclusive varieties.

The results of all these efforts can be found here in (formerly known as

Here are the outlined steps that we have in the peony cultivating process:

  1. Purchasing Peonies
  2. Disinfecting Peonies
  3. The Ideal Soil for Peonies
  4. Planting the Peonies
  5. Fertilizing and Weeding the Peonies
  6. Upcoming of the Peonies in Early Spring
  7. Removing Side-Buds
  8. Preparing the Peony Harvest
  9. Peony Harvesting
  10. Preparing Peony Flowers for Sale
  11. Hygiene after Harvesting Peonies
  12. Mowing the Peonies