Disinfecting Peonies

After having bought the divisions, it’s recommended to give the roots a temperature treatment at 43.5° C (Celsius) in order to kill bacteria and other harmful diseases. After the treatment the peony roots can be planted in a healthy state. This is vitally important for creating high quality roots and flowers later on in the process.


The process of disinfecting peonies is carried out in 4 steps as outlined below:

  1. Washing: Plants or roots are first soaked and then washed to meet strict phytosanitary requirements which is now being enforced by many countries.
  2. Hot water treatment: This process is carried out by controlling the water temperature carefully and the duration the peonies are exposed to water. The process needs to be continuously monitored so that peonies are not damaged while producing optimal results.
  3. Disinfection: After thorough washing, peonies are disinfected in order to protect them against various disease fungi which are often characterized by molds, scabs or damaged tissue. Various disinfection agent are used to ensure disinfection.
  4. Cooling down: Finally the peonies need to be cooled down to normal temperature.

Disinfecting, washing and hot water treatment of peonies is also very important when peonies are exported to countries that require Phytosanitary Certification. Many countries outside EU require 100% disinfection of peony flowers and roots. At Peonyshop Holland we ensure that peonies are washed properly, dirt-free and disinfected by first cleaning them ourselves and then sending them to the company “Helmus Spoelbedrijf” who are specialists and have years of experience in washing and hot water treating flower bulbs and perennials, trees, bushes and other planting material. More information on “Helmus Spoelbedrijf” about can be found below:


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