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Peony Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Dear peony lover, welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Often we receive emails and requests asking a wide variety of questions about peonies and our peony nursery. In this section we answer the most common ones. Enjoy reading, we love to hear your feedback.

  1. What do peonies look like in a vase?
  2. Which peony varieties do you grow in the peony nursery?
  3. Which yellow peonies do you offer?
  4. Which pink peonies do you offer?
  5. Which white peonies do you offer?
  6. Which orange peonies do you offer?
  7. Which red peonies do you offer?
  8. Peony flowers, what are the differences?
  9. How do you package the peonies before exporting them?
  10. Why only wholesale peony sales?
  11. What makes peony nursery Peony Shop so special?
  12. What is a peony nursery?
  13. What’s the meaning of the word ‘paionia’?
  14. What depends the size of a peony flower?
  15. When does a peony give its flower?
  16. What is a peony?
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