Why only wholesale peony sales?

Because we focus so much on quality we cannot serve the mass market too well. We bring fairly exclusive high quality peonies for professionals to the marketplace worldwide.

We offer special prices with interesting pricebreaks for those who order our peonies wholesale at sizable quantities. In the peony assortment section you can view all peony varieties that we offer. Right below the description you can see in which geographical areas the variety is available.

Over the past years we have done countless international deliveries. Please look at our peony export page to see how careful we package the peony roots so they arrive at the buyers company in the best possible condition.

Quality is our prime focus. This benefits the buyer in multiple ways:

  • Bigger peony roots
  • Bigger peony buds
  • Bigger peony flowers
  • Higher prices for flowers and roots

Peony Nursery Peony Shop – The wholesale peony specialist!