What is a peony?

A peony is a plant in the Paeonia genus. Peonies are native to the Asian countries China and Japan. Nowadays peonies are widespread in Asia, Europe and North America. Peony flowers are often associated with happiness, fortune, long life, and honor.

As a result of extensive breeding, nowadays peonies are available in multiple colors. Most common are white peonies, pink peonies, yellow peonies, red peonies and lavender peonies. The plant gives its flowers late spring and early summer.

Basically there are two basics forms of peonies that our peony nursery cultivates. The first category is itoh hybrid peonies, these plants are primarily for growing in gardens. They are not specifically suited for cutting and putting in a vase. The other category are cut peonies, these varieties are have the perfect qualities for a bouquet.