Peony Yellow Waterlily ~ Itoh Hybrid

Peony 'Yellow Waterlily' is a Midseason semi-double yellow Peony Itoh Hybrid, yellow, with lavender flares and petals like those of a water lily, very floriferous, average height 34 inch / 86 cm, first flowered 1992, (Roger Anderson, USA, 1999).

Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Quantity per standard box:

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24" x 16" x 9" or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Sold Out! Available in years: 2023

Peony Yellow Waterlily is one of the many yellow Itoh Peonies that we grow at Peony Nursery Peony Shop Holland Intersectional peony hybrids, also known as Itoh hybrids, named in honor of Toichi Itoh, the originator of these unique hybrid peonies. They are representative of the progeny of crossing or hybridizing the two main groups or selections of peonies; the herbaceous hybrids which die down sub surface buds during their dormant season and the tree or woody shrub peonies which retain a year round woody branch structure above ground level. During their dormant season, the Itoh or Intersectional hybrids retain only extremely short (1"-2") woody stems above ground level. Ornamentally, they achieve the best of both parental worlds with the handsome flowers and foliage of the woody tree peonies displayed on an herbaceous plant, with annual new growth originating from buds below ground level. Strong healthy plants form attractive dense, neat rounded bushes which are shorter in stature than most tree peonies. Flowers are displayed above the handsome foliage that remains greener longer than their herbaceous parents. Intersectional hybrids are somewhat hardier than tree peonies and more tolerant of heat and humidity which extends their ornamental potential in both the North and south.

About peony nursery "" Peony Shop Holland, Lutjebroek

Peony nursery Peony Shop Holland now a days only concentrates at expanding unique, outstanding leading quality peonies. This wasn't always the scenario. The corporation comes with an wide-ranging history starting in the year 1875 together with Simon Scholten that also was basically growing vegetables for her full time income.

In 2001 this corporation built their unique innovative promotion-name & brand "" and as a result they began centering on increasing exceptional peonies. During the year 2002 this business opened up their very own on-line peonyshop together with Peonies & Buxus. During 2003 Joshua Scholten started with breeding peonies. Than in 2004 the particular business began to market peonies originating from the Netherlands all-around European countries, Usa and also Asian countries.

Nowadays our own peony nursery is focused on expanding and multiplying exclusive, premium quality peony roots that can be distributed and released world-wide. Additionally this company also cut peonies largely helping the Dutch peony flower marketplace.

The main things we pride:
  • The excellent quality of our products
  • Our capability to export around the globe
  • The best enormous range of yellow Itoh peonies like Yellow Waterlily
  • The Peony Nursery of large potential yellow Itoh peonies for in the garden

About Yellow Waterlily a yellow Itoh Peony flower

The fall season is actually the best period for seeding peonies. These peonies are usually extremely long-term-lived plants staying around nearly 50 to a maximum of 70 yrs, so once you'll have them planted rightly, a person will enjoy the plants for many, many years. Peonies prefer the bright location having a well-drained dirt. A good quality air movement available the the peony plant can also be important and vital. These kind of conditions allow this type of plants to stay away from illness issues. To prepare a sowing hole meant for a bare-root peony plant, dig the dirt to a depth around 12-18inch. Work with a garden fork to release the edges of the growing hole as well. It can be extremely significant that the particular "eyes", or growing nodes, positioned nearby the bottom of the old stem, end up no greater than Two inch beneath the ground surface area.