Peony Vanilla Schnapps

Peony 'Vanilla Schnapps' is a Very Early semi-double to double yellow Peony Hybrid, light yellow double flowers, rounded petals have an irregular toothed edge, stigmas are red and are not visible on double flowers, but are on semi-double blooms, strong stems, staking is needed, strong grower, broad deep green foliage, easily fertile both ways, many promising seedlings are being grown on for evaluation from this plant, Bill Seidl: The seed-parent was a yellow single, yellow being the object of the cross. The pollen parent was a pink double. The seed for BBY root-germinated indoors in late '79, grew outside during 1980 and '81, and FB was in '82, the start of its 3rd year of growth. Had a sibling that was also very good, but stamens turned brown or black before opening, (Vanilla Schnapps does not have this habit), previously garden named 'Bill's Best Yellow', (William Seidl-Nate Bremer, USA, 2013).

Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Size Weight
3/5 eye 250 gram
Quantity per standard box:

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24" x 16" x 9" or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Sold Out! Available in years: 2025

Peony 'Vanilla Schnapps' is one of the many very early semi-double to double yellow Peonies that we grow at Peony Nursery 'Peony Shop Holland'.

Regarding Peony Nursery "Peony Shop Holland" Lutjebroek

Peony Grower Peony Shop Holland at this time only centers at building exceptional, good good peonies. This very specific emphasis hasn't been always the situation. The company carries a rich background starting off in 1875 along with Simon Scholten that was growing fruit for her full time income.

During the year 2001 the corporation put together their distinctive new-found marketing-name & logo "" and consequently they began centering on improving exceptional peonies. Throughout 2002 the company opened their own online peonyshop together with Peonies & Buxus. Throughout the year 2003 Joshua Scholten started with raising peonies. Than in 2004 this business began to export peonies out of the Netherlands all-around Europe, America and Asia.

Nowadays our own peony nursery is focused on expanding and spreading special, high quality peony roots that are distributed and released anywhere in the world. Aside from that we also reduce peonies largely helping the Dutch peony flower marketplace.

The particular things we pride:
  • The top quality of our products
  • The capacity to export international
  • Our new substantial collection peonies like Bills Best Yellow
  • The peony crame of high potential seedlings

About Bills Best Yellow a peony

Fall has been the correct moment for growing a peony plant. All peony plants happen to be extremely long-lived plants sustaining up to 50 to a max of 70 yrs, so shortly after a person have them planted in the right way, a person will have fun with the plants for many, many years. Peonies opt for some sort of bright location with a well-drained ground. A good air flow movement available around the plant is essential. These kinds of settings support these plants to prevent disease issues. To organize the planting hole for a bareroot peony, dig the ground to some level around 12-18". Make use of garden tools to loosen the edges of the planting hole as well. It's always pretty essential that the "eye", or growth, nodes, located nearby the bottom of the old stem, end up no greater than 2 " under the soil area.