Peony Glory Hallelujah

Peony 'Glory Hallelujah' is a Late double Pink Peony Lactiflora, rich blend of cherry red, rose-red and vivid pink accentuated by silver-tipped petals, fragrant, good cut-flower, (Roy G. Klehm, USA).

Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Quantity per standard box:

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24" x 16" x 9" or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Peony 'Glory Hallelujah' is one of the many pink Peonies that we grow at the Peony Nursery 'Peony Shop Holland'.

About Peony Nursery "" Lutjebroek, the Netherlands

Peony Growers Peony Shop Holland in these days solely targets on improving exclusive, very high high quality peonies. This very specific emphasis has not been always the main case. This particular firm comes with a successful history starting off in the year 1875 with the help of Simon Scholten who had been growing vegetables and fruits for income.

In 2001 this company created their modern advertising-label & logo design "" and they began centering on expanding exceptional peonies. Throughout the year 2002 the particular business launched their very own online peonyshop together with Peonies & Buxus. Within the year 2003 Joshua Scholten started out with raising peonies. After that in 2004 the corporation began to market peonies from the Netherlands all around Europe, Usa and also Asian countries.

Nowadays our peony nursery is focused on increasing and developing special, good quality peony roots which can be offered for sale and released all over the world. In addition the particular organization even cut peonies largely supporting the Dutch peony flower market.

The particular things we pride:
  • The high-quality of our product
  • Our potential to export international
  • Our new enormous assortment peonies like Glory Hallelujah
  • Our crame of large potential seedling peonies

About Glory Hallelujah a peony

The fall is undoubtedly the perfect moment for seeding a peony. Almost all peonies are generally unbelievably long-term-lived plants staying alive close to 50 to a max of 70 yrs, so right after an individual have them planted in the right way, you will benefit from them for many, many years. These plants prefer some sort of bright position together with a well-drained ground. A good air flow circulation available the the peony plant is also important and vital. These kinds of surroundings allow this type of plants to avoid illness problems. To make a seeding hole intended for a bareroot peony plant, dig the ground into a depth of 12-18inches. Use garden tools to remove the edges of the particular planting hole at the same time. It really is pretty essential that the particular "eyes", or growth, nodes, positioned near the base of the old stem, end up no greater than Two inch beneath the ground area.