Peony Gardenia

Peony 'Gardenia' is a Midseason double blush-White Peony Lactiflora, fragrant, good grower, it belongs on the `good` list of well paid cut-flowers, (Lins, 1955).

Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Size Weight
3/5 eye 250 gram
Quantity per standard box:

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24" x 16" x 9" or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Peony 'Gardenia' is one of the many blush-white Peonies that we grow at Peony Nursery 'Peony Shop Holland'. Peony Gardenia is always high in demand by the florists as it's a great flower for the wedding market.

Regarding peonynursery "" Lutjebroek, the Netherlands

Peony nursery at the moment primarily concentrates at building exclusive, exceptional quality peonies. This very specific aim hasn't been always the scenario. This corporation has got an unique history getting started in 1875 along with Simon Scholten that has been growing veggies for an income.

In the year 2001 this company created their very own new-found advertising and marketing-label & logo design "" and as a result they started centering on increasing exclusive peonies. Within the year 2002 the particular firm launched their own world wide web peonyshop together with Peonies & Buxus. During 2003 Joshua Scholten started out with breeding peonies. Than in year 2004 the particular organization started to export peonies out of the Netherlands all over European countries, Usa and even Asia.

Right now our own peony nursery is specialised in maximizing and multiplying unique, top quality peony roots that can be offered for sale and exported to internationally. In addition we additionally cut peonies primarily assisting the Dutch peony flower market.

The things we pride:
  • The superior quality of our products
  • The capability to export across the globe
  • Our new broad range peonies like Gardenia
  • The peony crame of substantial full potential seedlings

Growing Gardenia peonies

Fall is truly the correct period of time if you think about planting peonies. These peonies are generally amazingly long-term-lived plants staying around nearly 50 to seventy years, so as soon as a person get them selected and planted in the correct manner, you definitely will have fun with the peonies for years. Peonies have a preference for a sunlit place with a well-drained dirt. A good quality air flow circulation available around the plant is also very important. All these circumstances help these plants to stay away from sickness problems. To prepare a planting hole designed for a bareroot peony, dig the ground to the level around 12-18inches. Make use of a garden fork to release the edges of the planting hole at the same time. It is really pretty essential that the "eyes", or growth nodes, situated near the base of the old stem, end up no greater than Two inches below the ground surface.