Through the years we have received countless unsolicited testimonials supporting the high quality peonies that we ship all over the world as well as complementing the high standard of service that we hold for ourselves. Here are a few of these remarks that we’d love to share:

I must have driven right past your peony nursery when I visited Enkhuizen. What a beautiful country my ancestors came from! No one on earth can grow flowers like the Dutch. Next time I visit Holland I will stop and have a look at your peony farming operations. – Karin Jagger, USA

Today, I have read your website and seen your beautiful garden. I am interested in your peony growing company. If you and your friend come to China to see tree peonies next spring, please contact me, maybe I can help you. – Lv Zhao Jing, China

I was just browsing for new and interesting peony varieties to break away from ‘our’ old standards. And, I found them! – Amy Warhurst, USA

We also visit other peony nurseries and some people visit us as well. Here is letter that we received after some peony growers from Australia visited us.

Denis and Judy, Australia

Denis and Judy, Australia

It is such an amazing operation, and so professionally organized. Having been with you and your family the evening before, to see the peony flowers are being sent off to market, and then, being able to see the next stage of the process the next morning, watching peonies such as yours being sold and dispatched, was fascinating. We did not see any names or codes that looked familiar as being your flowers in particular – but of course there are so many!!! But our visit to your peony nursery and then the auction the next morning really was the highlight of our trip. – Denis and Judy, Australia

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And a few testimonials from our customers in Russia – Gennady Litavrin and Yury Lukoyanov:

Gennady Litavrin, Russia

Gennady Litavrin, Russia

В 2013 году сделал заказ на корни пионов в peonyshop.com . Был приятно удивлен качеством посадочного материала. Такого я просто не видел. Коллекция очень интересная, хозяин чуткий и отзывчивый. Интересный в общении. В этом году заказал много новых для себя сортов. Самое интересное кончается быстро, так что поспешите!!! С нетерпением жду осени и новых саженцев!!! Геннадий Литаврин

Translated from Russian: In 2013, made ​​an order of peony roots at peonyshop.com. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of planting material. This I just did not expect. The collection is very interesting, and the supplier (Peony Shop) sensitive and sympathetic. Interesting to talk to. This year, ordered many new varieties. The most interesting varieties ends quickly, so hurry! I look forward to fall collection and new seedlings! Gennady Litavrin, Russia

Yury Lukoyanov, Russia

Yury Lukoyanov, Russia

Мы знакомы не первый год. Не каждому человеку выпадает такая удача – заниматься любимым делом, которое начали предки еще в 19 веке. В чем секрет успеха? Да, конечно, это трудолюбивый и дружный коллектив. Но есть в природе человека способность, которой невозможно научиться. Это дается ему от природы. Известно, что растения умеют чувствовать, помнить и общаться. Об этом свидетельствуют многие исследования в разных странах. В одних руках они могут не развиваться, болеть или полностью увядать без видимых причин. В других ситуация обратная и они цветут, радуя глаз. Именно это и передается им по наследству, именно это и позволяет им достигать таких успехов в своей деятельности. Но не только это.

Традиции качества бережно хранятся на протяжении многих лет. Постоянная работа над совершенствованием процесса выращивания растений, на каждом этапе, дает в итоге хороший результат. Отличное качество корней отметили мои потребители от Владивостока и до Белоруссии. Я считаю, что стандарт качества корней Джошуа и его компании значительно выше, чем в других европейских и американских компаниях.

Особенно хочется отметить как налажена работа с клиентами. Удобная и понятная форма, отличный сервис. Чуткое отношение к каждому клиенту. Здесь каждый может найти свою мечту.Юрий Лукоянов

Translated from Russian: We have known (Peony Shop) for many years. Not everyone is lucky – doing things you love, which began with ancestors in the 19th century. What is the secret of success? Yes, of course, it is hard-work and friendly staff. But there is in the nature of man ‘s ability, which is impossible to learn. It is given to him by nature . It is known that plants are able to feel, to remember and communicate. This is evidenced by many studies in different countries. In one hand they can not develop ill or completely fade for no apparent reason. In the other situation is reversed and they bloom, delighting the eye . That is what is passed to them by inheritance, this is what allows them to achieve such success in its activities. But not only that.

Tradition of quality are carefully stored for many years. Ongoing work on the improvement of the process of growing plants in each stage results in a good outcome. Excellent quality roots noted my users from Vladivostok and to Belarus. I believe that the standard of quality roots Joshua and his company (Peony Shop) is much higher than in other European and American companies.

Especially worth mentioning as the work with clients. A user-friendly form, excellent service. Sensitivity to each client. Here everyone can find their dream .Yury Lukoyanov, Russia